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UPS Solutions is a provider of high quality Power Protection for your valuable IT equipment. Installing an Uninterruptible Power Supply will prevent damage caused by frequent power outages often resulting in hardware failure and software corruption or complete loss. 

Both large and small businesses are becoming more and more reliant on a utility power supply that is pushed beyond its capacity. 

Despite advances in the capabilities of modern personal computers, a momentary power outage is still all it takes to lose your data.

More dangerous is the loss of previously written files, or even an entire hard disk, which can occur should a power problem strike while your computer is saving a file. Network file servers constantly writing to disk are particularly susceptible.

Why use UPS Solutions?

Knowledge and Experience.

Strong product knowledge is the cornerstone of UPS Solutions business. The UPS Solutions team consists of experienced, reliable IT specialists who take ownership of each and every installation and upgrade.

UPS Solutions provides the whole team approach. We have access to the best electricians and qualified computer cablers, air conditioning experts, computer room fitout specialists and IT technicians.

Through managing many projects over the years we have developed a ‘best practice’ methodology that saves you time and money.

UPS Solutions are an industry leader and have a very good, reliable reputation. All of their products are fully supported within Australia, with quick access to stock.

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