Government Procurement

NSW Government Local Buy Contract SCM0020
Server Platforms, Storage, Virtualisation Technologies, UPSs and Associated Support Services
QLD Government accredited GITC supplier Government Information Technology Contracting
Supplier# Q-4649
UPS Solutions is a registered supplier to the Victorian Government for Servers, Storage, Networking Equipment, IT Infrastructure and Related Products and Services.

About UPS Solutions

Leda Australia Unit Trust (Trading As) UPS Solutions

ACN# 112413537

ABN# 44080474629

UPS Solutions is a specialist data centre supplier and integrator. Established in 2002, UPS Solutions is an Elite Partner of APC and has the industry expertise to supply, deploy and support the power, rack and cooling elements of the data centre environment.

Here is an example of the APC projects supplied and deployed by UPS Solutions in the past 12 months:

  • EB Games – New data centre deployment in Eagle Farm, Brisbane. APC Hot Aisle Containment Pod.
  • ABI Group – New APC InRow cooling for Southbank Data Centre. APC Rack, Power Distribution, InRow Cooling.
  • Volkswagen Australia – 2 New Data Centres for New Australian Head Office. APC Hot Aisle Containment Pod.
  • Sydney Opera House – Supply, Install and Support for all APC single phase and 3 phase UPS units distributed around the SOH facility.

Vendor Partner Status

UPS Solutions is an elite partner of APC and is fully trained and certified for the entire APC range of:

  • Home and Business Networks
  • Small Data Centres
  • Large Data Centres

UPS Solutions Key Staff Contacts

Director Frank Kane 1300 555 992
Support Veola Puki 1300 555 992
NSW Sales Isaac Prakash 1300 555 992
Finance Jodie McIntosh 1300 555 992
Logistics Joseph Zeynoun 1300 555 992
Marketing Prue Myers 1300 555 992

Government Certification

NSW Government

UPS Solutions is one of a select few APC authorized agents under NSW Buy Government Contract SCM0020. Server Platforms, Storage, Virtualisation Technologies, UPSs and Associated Support Services

QLD Government

UPS Solutions is an authorized supplier under QLD Government Information Technology Contracting. Supplier# Q-4649.

UPS Solutions has successfully been involved in UPS supply and support for the following government departments:

  • Department of Defence
  • Sydney Opera House Roads and Traffic Authority Department of Agriculture
  • Department of Communication IT and the Arts
  • Department of Human Services Department of Treasury and Finance Social Security Appeals Tribunal Department of Corrective Services

Reference Projects Government

Reference Project 1 – NSW Transport Roads & Maritime Services (formerly RTA)

System Installed

Symmetra PX 40 KW UPS System for Main Data Centre, 12 x Smart UPS 6Kva UPS Systems for VOIP Cabinets on each floor (dual units per floor), 6 x Netbotz Environmental Monitoring Systems incl. Installation, Project Management, and Network Integration

Brief Scope of Work

RTA moving head city office from Surry Hills to Miller Street, North Sydney. W e were contracted through Stowe Electrical and RTA to provide, install and commission all UPS Systems for the main data centre and comms/voip rooms on each floor.

Contract Value $350,000

Total Duration Main W orks Duration – 6 Weeks


Contact Name: Ken Bending - IT Infrastructure Strategy and Development Manager, RTA

Reference Project 2 – Sydney Opera House

System Installed

Supply, Installation and Maintenance of over 40 Uninterruptible Power Supplies throughout the Sydney Opera House and surrounding ticketing offices.

Brief Scope of Work

The UPS units range from 1kva single phase to 60kva 3 phase units. Maintaining continuity and uptime for the Opera House was required throughout the project and through any further onsite maintenance work.

Contract Value $400,000+

Total Duration Main W orks Duration – Ongoing since November 2009.


Contact Name: Vanessa Gonzalez – Facilities Project Engineer State Automation / Sydney Opera House