A UPS battery will not last forever and we offer proactive battery replacement programs to minimise the risk of downtime, lost revenue and reduce the risk of damage to valuable electronic equipment. We can rejuvenate your UPS systems with new batteries and warranty for a single UPS or multiple UPS systems to prolong the life of your existing UPS equipment. UPS Solutions provide a number of our customer with national onsite support in locations throughout Australia.

UPS Solutions will create a replacement schedule and proactively act on replacing the batteries that will need to be replaced within the recommended period. This will prevent any possible down time within your organisation's general operations, or any possible issues that may occur to the UPS system if not correctly maintained, installed or serviced. It also prevents the batteries from swelling within the UPS system alleviating hard to remove batteries or damaged batteries from the unit which may lead to full UPS replacement. Please contact our Maintenance & Service Department for any further questions on 1300 555 992 or Email: support@upss.com.au.

Please Note: We will also collect the old batteries and dispose of the units via a government approved recognised organisation which will recycle the materials in an environmentally friendly process. A Certificate of recycling can be provided on request.