UPS Power Systems

UPS Power Systems and battery backup from UPS Solutions. Our UPS product range spans all sizes from small single phase UPS systems to industrial 3 Phase UPS Systems. We supply all major brands throughout Australia and our UPS technicians are highly experienced UPS technicians and electricians.A UPS system provides essential battery back up and surge protection for today’s valuable IT and communications equipment. Without a UPS, equipment can easily be damaged from continuous power surges, fluctuations in power and sudden lost of power. Installing a UPS will eliminate these risks and prolong the lifetime of the connected equipment and reduce business down-time. From small single rack server rooms to large multi rack data centres, UPS solutions can provide power backup to meet your current hardware and future growth requirements. With UPS Solutions trained and experienced technicians, we can provide the right power protection from small single phase UPS installation to large 3Phase installations for data centres and entire buildings.

  1. UPS Solutions only use Certified electricians and UPS technicians that have experience with single phase and 3 Phase UPS installations.
  2. Australia wide electrical and IT services.
  3. Comprehensive Maintenance packages and warranty renewal programs.
  4. Testing and commissioning services by trained staff
  5. Written reports on all on-site services provided
  6. Battery replacement services for both single phase and 3 Phase Systems
  7. Redundancy and electrical design services
  8. Software configuration for automated graceful shutdown

2 Year Maintenance Contract –
Applies to all 3 Phase UPS System