UPS decommissioning and Removals

At UPS Solutions we also have experience in IT relocations – servers, UPS Systems, computer racks, desktop computers and communication equipment. Where hardwiring is involved, we use certified electricians to decommission your UPS at the collection point ensuring no damaged is caused during unwiring, we then relocate the equipment to the new premises and commission the unit/s at the new location. If you use your own electricians we can provide professionally relocation services for your critical hardware. Our technicians can also assist with the demounting of the Servers and rail kits. To assist with minimising disruption to your business, we can provide relocation services outside of normal business hours including weekends and bank holidays. UPS Solutions can also provide a tailored Sensitive Freight service for your critical and valuable equipment and collect and deliver the items using sensitive freight services throughout Australia and at competitive prices. Contact our Services team for more details.