UPS Solutions Maintenance Plans

Every UPS needs to be serviced regularly to ensure that it is operating correctly and that its batteries are in good working order. As a minimum, a UPS should be checked at least once a year to prolong the life of your valuable IT equipment. Our technicians are experienced UPS technicians and qualified electricians that can service and maintain any UPS System, our competitive maintenance contracts mean that you save maintenance without missing out of receiving high quality services. A UPS Solutions Maintenance Agreement can normally be established very quickly. Where a unit is out of its warranty period we normally request that an initial pre-contract inspection visit is carried out prior to commencement. Once this is completed, a Maintenance Agreement can be effective almost immediately.

Our basic maintenance scheme incorporates:
- Environmental checks
- Electro-mechanical checks
- UPS functional testing
- Battery assessment
- Provision of service sheets and documentation
- Recommendations for remedial work and improvements of current systems.

An agreement may include any of the following
- Dedicated after hours assistance 24 / 7
- Varying response time: next working day, 4 hours or best effort response
- Out of hours visits
- Parts and Labour or call out only
- Routine preventative maintenance visits
- Upgrade of warranty


Commissioning Service

UPS Solutions Start-Up Commissioning Services provides customers with the peace of mind that ensures proper Start-Up of their UPS system. UPS Solutions will energize and check functionality of the system in all modes to ensure compliance with stated technical specifications.

The Start-Up Service is available in two configurations:

  • Service visit performed on a 5 x 8 basis, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm
  • Service visit performed on a 7 x 24 basis, which allows the customer to schedule service outside normal business hours, including weekends and holidays.

Benefits of this Service:

  • Assurance of proper installation – extending product life
  • Confidence that the UPS system will be performing to optimal manufacturer specifications
  • Verify UPS has been correctly wired.
  • Frees customer resources to concentrate on core business focuses
  • Training of support staff on proper use.

Onsite UPS Testing

Poorly designed power and environmental facilities can have a major impact on the day-to-day operation and overall life expectancy of network critical physical and general IT hardware. Ensuring your UPS system is functioning correctly, we reduce the risk of downtime and damage to valuable equipment. Purchasing an assessment service gives you peace of mind, knowing your facilities have been designed for optimal performance, extending the life of your hardware and ensuring the highest level of network availability. To book an onsite testing service please call or email

Electrical Installations

UPS Solutions is also committed to providing the highest quality of electrical services to attain and exceed our customer needs. To this end we provide quality solutions from small office installations through to multi storey apartment/office fit-outs providing the widest choice available in the market as we are accredited at the highest level in the design and implementation of all major electrical services.

These include:

  • UPS systems
  • Server room layout and design
  • Electrical Engineering and Design
  • Power distribution and load sharing
  • Environmental Monitoring and alerts
  • Installation of camera surveillance for computer rooms and data centres
  • Ethernet Cabling
  • Power Distribution and Design
  • Commercial Electrical
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Service and Breakdowns - Electrical and Communications
  • Switchboards/Metering
  • Generators
  • Low/Medium/High Voltage Power Solutions
  • Power Factor Correction
  • Load Testing
  • Testing and Tagging

Battery Refresh Programs:

A UPS battery will not last forever and we offer proactive battery replacement programs to minimise the risk of downtime, lost revenue and reduce the risk of damage to valuable electronic equipment. We can rejuvenate your UPS systems with new batteries and warranty for a single UPS or multiple UPS systems to prolong the life of your existing UPS equipment. UPS Solutions provide a number of our customer with national onsite support in locations throughout Australia. UPS Solutions will create a replacement schedule and proactively act on replacing the batteries that will need to be replaced within the recommended period. This will prevent any possible down time within your organisation's general operations, or any possible issues that may occur to the UPS system if not correctly maintained, installed or serviced. It also prevents the batteries from swelling within the UPS system alleviating hard to remove batteries or damaged batteries from the unit which may lead to full UPS replacement. Please contact our Maintenance & Service Department for any further questions on 1300 555 992 or Email:

Please Note: We will also collect the old batteries and dispose of the units via a government approved recognised organisation which will recycle the materials in an environmentally friendly process. A Certificate of recycling can be provided on request.

Consulting Services:

  • Power and Electrical Design.
  • Recommendations regarding the size of UPS and available power.
  • Measure current phase balance across single or 3 phases.
  • Check existing wiring is safely rated for the load attached.
  • Written report on current actual power draw data and list of recommendations.
  • Load Balancing.
  • Environmental Inspection
  • Tong test measurement of Input and output power load.
  • Safety Review and recommendations
  • Tagging and Testing Services

Web/SNMP Software Installation Service

Onsite Web/SNMP Setup and PCNS setup training. UPS Solutions can provide a technician to setup auto-shutdown sequences for a single or multiple devices. Service is based on Microsoft and commonly used operating systems, if specialized knowledge is required additional service charges may apply.

Relocation & Transport Services:

At UPS Solutions we also have experience in IT relocations – servers, UPS Systems, computer racks, desktop computers and communication equipment.

Where hardwiring is involved, we use certified electricians to decommission your UPS at the collection point ensuring no damaged is caused during unwiring, we then relocate the equipment to the new premises and commission the unit/s at the new location. If you use your own electricians we can provide professionally relocation services for your critical hardware. Our technicians can also assist with the demounting of the Servers and rail kits.

To assist with minimising disruption to your business, we can provide relocation services outside of normal business hours including weekends and bank holidays.

UPS Solutions can also provide a tailored Sensitive Freight service for your critical and valuable equipment and collect and deliver the items using sensitive freight services throughout Australia and at competitive prices. Contact our Services team for more details.

Service Types:

  • TG1 - 1 x Man with Tailgated Vehicle – Pick up & Deliver to site

    This service will provide the customer with 1 x Man, vehicle equipped with a tailgate lifter. Items are unloaded of the vehicle by the tailgate lifter to ensure a safe and efficient delivery of your equipment to site. Guideline of item weight 30kgs to 149kgs.

  • TG2 - 2 x Men with Tailgated Vehicle – Pick up & Deliver to site

    This service will provide the customer with 2 x Man, vehicle equipped with a tailgate lifter. Items are unloaded of the vehicle by the tailgate lifter to ensure a safe and efficient delivery of your equipment to site. Over 150 kgs.

  • ROS – 2 x Men - Delivery, Unpack, Position & Rubbish Removal.

    This service will provide you with all the tools necessary to have your crucial project completed in time. UPS Solutions will deliver to site, unpack items on site, Position the items in the nominated location as per the customers instructions and remove any rubbish from the unpack. Includes 1 x hour on site for delivery. Other options available: Storage, Installations and labour assistance. Contact a UPS Solutions project specialist to provide you with pricing.